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Selecting Product Groups and Product Collections

On the left side you will see a list of product groups ("Lounge", "Dining", "Parasols"...). Click on a product group to expand the menu and display the product collections within each group ("Bay", "Grid", "Kay" ...). Click on a product collection to show the individual products as small thumbnails below the planning area.

Selecting and Placing Products

Click on the desired product thumbnail image in the horizontal bar below the planning area and, while holding the mouse button, drag the product onto the planning area. A plan-view line drawing of the product appears instantly. As long as this drawing is coloured red, the product cannot be placed on the plan and drops back to its original place when the mouse button is released.

Selecting and De-Selecting Products Placed on the Plan

You can select one or more products placed on the plan by simply clicking on the product with the mouse. Selected products turn green. You can also create a selection rectangle on the plan with the mouse. All products wholly contained within the rectangle will then be selected together. To deselect the products, simply click on a blank area of the plan.

Moving, Rotating, Duplicating or Deleting Placed Products

You can move one or more placed products at any time by clicking on the product(s) and then moving the mouse while holding the mouse button down. In addition, small round editing buttons for rotating, duplicating and deleting will appear next to the selected product(s).

Click on the round button at the centre of the selection to duplicate the activated products, then drag to an empty space on the plan with the mouse button pressed down.

For fine-tuning the position of products, the planning area can be enlarged by zooming in on the area using the wheel on your mouse. Individual products can also be moved in small (2cm / 0.8”) increments when selected by using the cursor (arrow) keys on your keyboard.

Tip: While moving/rotating, press the "Shift" key on the keyboard. The activated products can now only be moved vertically/horizontally or rotated in increments of 45 degrees.

Sending Plans to Other Devices or People

If you click on the "Send" button, your standard email application opens with a new email that contains a special link to the planner. If you open this link in another browser or on another device, the planner is loaded and your current plan will automatically be restored. This way, you can archive plans or share them with other people.

Automatically Saving

Your current plan will be regularly saved in the background on your PC locally. The next time you open the planner in your browser again, everything will appear exactly as you left it when you last closed the design planner.

Changing the Area

When clicking on the "Area" button below the plan, a dialog appears where you can enter the desired length and width of your planning area.