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Exploring Gloster’s Newest Colour Palette Addition: Brown

During the earliest stages of preparations for the 2022 season, Gloster’s team of designers were grappling with the question of how to expand the visual scope of our brand while still adhering to the aesthetic and stylistic features that have defined Gloster’s identity as a luxury outdoor furniture brand for the last decade. What addition could serve as an enticing and fresh flare that would still fit seamlessly into the design tenants of Scandinavian style teak, contemporary powder coated aluminum, and an understated yet confident air of luxury? The answer to this conundrum was achieved with valued input from Gloster’s loyal partners and clients: A brown colourway.

As the breadth of our new furniture introductions for the 2022 season took shape, so too did the scope of our brown colourway. A newly crafted brown ceramic colour called Emperor graced the tabletops of two of Gloster’s most popular collections from different furniture categories—the side tables of the modular, sectional Grid collection, and the tabletops of the expansive dining set Carver —as well as a new product introduction, the Sepal side table.

The Grid and Carver collections with Emperor Ceramic.

Paired with the Emperor ceramic tabletops is a new powder coat finish called Java. In addition to being available on the aforementioned Grid and Carver collections, this resilient coating for our aluminium furniture is available on the Sepal side table and highly popular Sway seating collection.

Sway Dining Chairs surround a Carver table featuring various expressions of the brown colourway.

A new sling color called Sepia features in both Sway and Bay collections to round out the brown coloured outdoor furniture introductions. Spanning multiple fabric categories, a small assemblage of new brown themed fabric variants provide enticing upholstery and toss pillow colour varieties that help to further establish this attractive new niche within the Gloster catalogue.

The design applications of this new brown colorway have already proven to have a wide appeal.  Whether serving as the principal color palette for a dining set, the enduring foundation of a lounge space, or as an accessorized splash of color variation to a more traditional arrangement, Gloster studio sales specialists, interior designers, and creative clients alike have been defining the environments for this new section of our catalogue in real time. The innovative and imaginative ways these new products have been used has been one of the most exciting developments for the Gloster brand in 2022 and one that is surely set to continue as this stylistic niche of our catalogue continues to expand in the seasons to come.

Gloster’s Brown Colourway Fabrics used for the toss pillows of a Grid arrangement. 

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