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A Discussion with Gloster Studio Sales Specialists

At Gloster Furniture, we understand that our studios are the lifeblood of our entire business. As ideal representations of the Gloster aesthetic, a venue to showcase our world-class collection of products, and the place to find our highly renown Studio Sales Specialists, these exclusive locations offer the entirety of the Gloster experience. As the calendar ticked forward into 2022 and we began to reflect on the year now passed, we caught up with our teams at each of our four studio locations in America—New York, Florida, Los Angeles, and Chicago—to ask about their best-performing products from 2021 and which of the 2022 introductions especially captured their and their client’s attention.

New York Studio

When asked about which collections performed the best in 2021, the answer from our New York Studio team was uniform and concise: the modular sectional seating group, Grid. Robert Thomas, Gloster’s Residential Sales Specialist headquartered in the NYC studio, stated that “Our clients love the bigger scale and the ‘luxe’ look of the Grid collection”—a common refrain for those working with or purchasing this collection, one of the most popular from Gloster’s catalogue in recent memory. “Grid is easy to understand, it always looks superb even without any maintenance, and it can cover a large area with endless configurations,” added Rich Downey, another of Gloster’s New York Studio Sales Specialists. “[Grid] isn’t subject to any trends and it won’t be outdated next year…clients have come to use this as a staple Gloster collection that is always reliable”.

Grid with Deco Rug and Fire Bowl 

Our New York specialists’ answers on which of Gloster’s 2022 introductions most piqued their interest were more varied than their impressions on top-performing collections in 2021. “I feel the Omada collection is a great addition to the Gloster offering as we have been missing a modular seat that can stand alone or be easily rearranged” added Rich. Robert, meanwhile, was immediately attracted to the Saranac and Fresco seating additions. “I love that Saranac is a larger piece of furniture made lighter by the use of ‘see-through’ materials and elevation off the ground. I also love Fresco for the retro, mid-twentieth century vibe. I picture ‘Slim Aaron’s’ ladies sitting in it, living their very best chicly styled existence”.

Omada with Deco Rug and Fire Bowl and Ambient Lighting  

Florida Studio

With its year-round sunshine, effuse beachfront properties, and leisurely culture, Florida represents quite the different environment than design metropolis of New York City. That being the case, our Florida Studio Sales Specialists had different answers to share about their top-performing collections from the 2021 season. “One of my top selling collections was Kay,” said Jennifer Davis, a Gloster Sales Specialist coming off her first full season after joining Gloster in the fall of 2020. “It is popular because it is warm, comfortable, and unique. It has a presence, it stands out—but not in a flashy way”. Fellow Florida Studio Sales Specialist Barbara Siciliano’s answer reflected the Florida client and environment’s penchant for al fresco dining. “The Carver collection was my top performer last year,” she added. “It’s clean lines and durability make it a designer and client favorite.”

Kay and Carver with Archi Dining Tables

While the top performing collections in 2021 were quite different for our Florida and New York Studios, the tastes of both location’s Studio Specialists converged when asked about their favorites from this year’s introductions. “I love the elevated and evolved style of Saranac. It takes the best features of our top sellers—Ventura and Archi—and combines them in a beautiful way. It has already been very well received by clients” said Barbara, echoing her New York colleague Robert. Jennifer, on the other hand, agreed with Rich. “I like the Omada collection. [It] has a soft, cozy, earthy feel with a more reclined back than the Lima collection. It gives you freedom and flexibility…Clients are seeking more natural, calming environments that soothe and rejuvenate, and I think Omada will appeal to them”.

Saranac collection

Saranac with Sepal Tables and Ambient Lighting

Los Angeles Studio

Since opening its doors in September of 2021, Gloster’s Los Angeles Studio has been the subject of much interest and excitement within the design community. Despite only being open for under half the year, our Studio Sales Specialists were able to gain plenty of insight into the top performing Gloster pieces in their region. “Grid was my best performer—there are so many ways to make it suited to a client’s specific needs,” said Studio Specialist Ken Tilley, who added that “the new Java and Emperor finishes we are adding in 2022 will make it even more accommodating to clients who want a warmer color tone.” Studio Specialist Jamie Cunningham noticed a regional design taste impacting her impressions on the top piece from 2021, noting that her California clients “tend to go [for] more modern styled and lighter pieces, even if they are oversized. The Archi Lounge Chairs are a good fit for that aesthetic.”

Archi Lounge Chairs, Ottoman and Blow Table 

Jamie echoed a now-familiar sentiment when asked about her favorites among the 2022 introductions, sharing that “the Saranac Sofa is my personal favorite. I love the linear effect of the ropes, how the collection has a sense of warmth to it, and how it can work in a modern or even transitional setting.” On the other hand, Ken’s admiration settled on two new accessories being added to the Gloster catalogue in 2022. “I love the Coso and Sepal tables. They’re so unique to other outdoor tables when considering both scale and materials,” he said, alluding to the two-toned ceramic base of Henrik Pedersen’s Coso side table and unique construction of Mark Gabbertas’ Sepal table.

Coso and Sepal Tables

Chicago Studio

Located in the middle of the country, Gloster’s Chicago Studio sees a diverse clientele base walk through its doors. As such, top performing pieces and collections can end up being quite different from one year to the next. In 2021, Chicago Studio Sales Specialist Monica Robertson saw two of Gloster’s most recognizable “statement pieces” ascend to the level of top performer for her studio: The Raw Dining Table and Grid Cabana.

Grid Cabana and Raw

When asked about her favorites amongst Gloster’s 2022 introductions, Monica’s answer was the same as the collection that is prominently displayed just past the opening of the Chicago Studio’s doors: Zenith. “The interest from my clients has really focused on the Zenith Lounger and Chair. It just beckons to you to relax, sit, and stay awhile. Plus, the easy mobility of this collection is loved by all.”

Zenith, Ambient Lighting and Coso Tables