Teak, crafts and innovation


One of the central tenets of Gloster’s approach to design is that each and every item in our catalogue is created to speak the same aesthetic language. Even if pieces are categorised as different collections, utilise different materials, or serve separate functions, every item of furniture offered by Gloster is created with the purpose to easily integrate with other sections of our range and create beautiful outdoor furniture arrangements. In this month’s blog post, we will highlight some of the best “cross-collection” combinations of our furniture where pieces with different names or foundational materials combine to form innate and beautiful pairings.

Zenith & Lima

Two collections created by top Gloster designer Henrik Pedersen and featured in the Gloster catalogue in recent years are the focus of our first cross-collection pairing. The Lima modular seating pieces ascribe to a bohemian style, with the diverse background and design education of their creator made evident in the use of the variety of materials and scope of arrangements possible with high and low back pieces. The Zenith collection marks the peak of the Gloster design aesthetic, utilising a blend of materials that deliver a simple, striking, and luxurious lounge possibility.

Lima & Zenith.

The element that ties these collections together is the wheat-coloured polyethylene wicker weave; a striking aesthetic that suggests immediate visual symmetry. Soft to the touch and remarkably durable to outdoor exposure, this unique material grounds both furniture groups in a beauty and longevity that has long been a key feature of Gloster products. Pair these two collections together to create an eclectic mix of seating possibilities.

Sway & Dining

With a wide assortment of materials used and the quintessential minimalism of Gloster’s design aesthetic, Sway Dining Chairs make for an innate pairing with nearly every dining table in our catalogue. A Scandinavian style teak base ensures easy partnership with teak-focused dining tables, while powder coated aluminum back supports and arm rests create possibilities to match with dining pieces that share these materials too. Whether paired with the utilitarian Carver collection, the close-to-nature Raw, or anywhere in between, the transferable style of Sway makes it an easy choice for any al fresco dining arrangement.

Sway Dining Chairs paired with Carver and Split Dining Tables.

Archi & Sepal

A longstanding and highly popular entry in the Gloster catalogue, Henrik Pedersen’s Archi collection has been infusing outdoor spaces with style since it’s inception. With a Scandinavian design approach of utility and minimalism combined with an enticing weave of Raven coloured outdoor rope upholstering the back rest and lumbar region, this chair is in equal measures visually striking and comfortable. The Sepal table, a more recent introduction designed by Mark Gabbertas, relies on a similar minimalistic approach to design, with three teak legs supporting a ceramic tabletop bordered with a powder coated aluminum edge ring. Try pairing the Meteor & Nero colour combination on Sepal with Archi’s raven rope to create a subtle and sleek look.

The Sepal Side Table & Archi Lounge Chair.

Ryder & Split

Ryder & Split are an oft-paired combination by virtue of their uniquely mirrored geometry. Both the table and chair utilise a split-leg style where centralised support structures branch out to form a sharp-V as the piece comes into contact with the ground. Combinations of Seagull & White or Granite & Meteor slings and frames help Ryder pair easily with the Bianco & White or Nero & Meteor colourways of the Split table to create a sleek and modern dining vignette.

Ryder with Ceramic and Raw Split tables.

Lima & Deco Block

The angular, squared design of Lima modular seating pieces and lounge chairs form a visually cohesive combination with the Block side and coffee tables. With a seat and tabletop height that is nearly identical, Block coffee tables can act as the centrepiece of a lima modular arrangement while coffee tables make for a sensible companion to the natural teak and wheat-coloured wicker central to Lima’s aesthetic.

Lima Loungers and a Block Coffee Table.

William & Whirl

Refined lines, gentle curvature, and innate beauty. Such a description could apply equally to both the Whirl dining table by Henrik Pedersen and Mark Gabbertas’ William dining chair. Described by its creator as “the perfect template for creating a place where you can come together and communicate freely,” the Whirl table’s circular design is self-sufficient and all encompassing. So too is the meteor-coloured frame of the William chair that has no start or end point, but rather flows continuously around a contoured seat of teak slats.

William & Whirl.

These combinations are but a few of many that can be found within the Gloster catalogue. If you’d like to see how these pieces and more might fit together for your space, try Gloster’s 3D Planner Application.