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2023 Innovations

Bora Collection.mp4

Haven Collection.mp4

Ambient Sol.mp4

Deck Collection.mp4

Grid Dining Collection.mp4

Maya Cove Collection.mp4

Block Collection.mp4

Omada Collection_2.mp4

Fresco Lounger.mp4

Saranac Chaise.mp4

Saranac Lounger.mp4

2023 Fern Additions.mp4

Ambient Pebble_3.mp4

2022 Innovations

Zenith Collection

Saranac Collection

Omada Collection

Fresco Collection

Lima Dining & Lounger

Coso Collection

Sepal Collection

Garden Shower

Brown Colour Way

Fern Sofa

Ambient Pebble

Allure Collection

Lodge Animation

Mistral Animation

Gloster & Architecture

2020 Innovations

Gloster & Sustainability

Gloster Designer - Henrik Pedersen

Gloster Indonesia – Dynamic Craftsmanship & Innovation

Flow of Change (Complete)

Henrik Pedersen - Outdoor Lighting

Henrik Pedersen - Lima Collection

Fern Collection

Lima Collection

Ambient Line

Grand Weave Collection

Deco Fire Bowl

Dune Dining

X-Frame Collection

Halo Push-Up Parasol

Kay Dining

Kay Rocking Chair

Kay Lounger

2019 Innovations - Part 1

2019 Innovations - Part 2

Dune Collection

Maya Collection

Kay Collection

Archi Lounge Collection

Ambient Ray

Helio Collection

Blow Collection

180 Lounge Collection

Bird Feeder & Nesting Box

Gloster RAW

2018 Innovations - Part 1

2018 Innovations - Part 2

Loop Collection

Clipper Collection

From Seed to Seat (Short)

From Seed to Seat (Full)

2017 Innovations

Ambient Collection

Grid Collection

Bay Collection

Carver Collection

Cradle Collection

Deco Collection

2016 Innovations

William Collection

Split Collection

Behind the Scenes 2015