Teak, crafts and innovation

Matteo Thun and Benedetto Fasciana

Matteo Thun

Matteo Thun, architect and designer, was born and raised in the bilingual German and Italian speaking region of South Tyrol, Italy. Following his studies with Oskar Kokoschka and Emilio Vedova at the Salzburg Academy he graduated with a degree in Architecture from the University in Florence. He co-founded the ‘Memphis' group in Milan in 1981 with Ettore Sottsass and opened his own studio in Milan in 1984. He established Matteo Thun & Partners in 2001 - the studio's designs are inspired by timeless simplicity and centred on the human scale.

Encompassing a team of 70 interdisciplinary architects, interior, product and graphic designers, Matteo Thun works from micro to macro scales with a focus on the management of highly complex projects. The work prioritises aesthetic durability, technological longevity, and the future lifespan of buildings and products. A profound respect for a project's soul and a sensitive approach to the client's individuality is key to all of Matteo Thun's work.

Specialising in hospitality, with a particular focus on luxury hotel projects and residences with character, Matteo Thun provides customised and turnkey concepts including architecture, interiors and lighting solutions. Matteo Thun's architecture, interior and product designs is the result of an on-going dialogue between the clients and its DNA, the location, its residents and its culture.

Benedetto Fasciana

Associate Director Benedetto Fasciana's appreciation of craftsmanship and proportion as priority defines his approach to architecture and design.

An architecture graduate of University of Ferrara, Benedetto's expertise in interior design and product design was honed from his background in ceramic art and creating retail and exhibition spaces for world-renowned brands during his time as Art Director at White Design in Venice.

Since joining Matteo Thun & Partners in 2014, Benedetto has been responsible for the creation of iconic furniture and lighting solutions that reflect his passion for artisanal craftmanship and the studio's shared design values of simplicity, functionality and timelessness.

Collections By Matteo Thun and Benedetto Fasciana