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Gloster Materials: Outdoor Wicker

An unparalleled combination of quality materials and handcrafted detail—these are the two key factors that position Gloster above any other luxury outdoor furniture brand. While these features are evident throughout all Gloster collections, it is our wicker-woven furniture where this foundational standard is most apparent. With an impressive concurrence of pliability, softness, and resilient durability, Gloster wicker-woven collections such as Lima, Ambient Mesh Lanterns, and Mistral group have a personality made unique through the use of his superbly versatile material.

What makes the woven materials in Gloster’s wicker furniture so noteworthy? Why are they so different from other types of wicker?


The Difference in Our Wicker Furniture

It all starts with the material that creates the foundation for any Gloster wicker weave: a fully welded, electro-statically powder coated aluminum frame. These frames—finished in a color that matches the wicker it is paired with—are made virtually invisible by the time they are woven over with any of Gloster’s variety of wicker options. Soft to the touch, tear resistant, weather resistant, and easy to clean, polyethylene-based wicker materials are ideal for use in outdoor furniture designed for quality, comfort, and most importantly, longevity. Gloster has worked extensively to develop a more textured, thicker type of wicker than other manufacturers. Although this type of wicker is harder to produce and weave, it is stronger, more resistant to tearing, tension, and splitting, and produces a much more natural tactile feeling than any alternative.

Thanks to its versatility and pliability, polyethylene wicker is featured in a variety of construction methods across Gloster’s woven furniture collections. On the Lima collection, narrow strands of tightly woven wicker help to establish the rugged personality that defines the collection. The lampshades of the Ambient Mesh lanterns and back rests of Mistral are finished with a more relaxed weave arrangement that give the collections a feeling of openness and accessibility. Gloster’s Kay collection utilizes a “French Cane” style of all-weather wicker—a flat, sleek departure from the normal conceptions of how wicker furniture is supposed to appear.

Although it is only one part of a long list of unique and high-performing materials used to create our furniture, the distinctive nature of Gloster’s polyethylene wicker weave garners a spotlight. With a variety of textures, colors, and styles, the polyethylene wicker weaves on our furniture act as a beautiful, functional, and durable contributor to the personalities of some of Gloster’s most popular collections.

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Left: Fern collection Right: Ambient Mesh.