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Shine a Light on Your Outdoor Space

One of the most prized characteristics of any outdoor furniture space is its capacity to be enjoyed at all times of day, and accessory pieces can be a key factor in unlocking new functionality for your outdoor arrangement. Loungers and Parasols let you soak in or shelter from the midday sun; Garden Showers offer users a refreshing rinse before heading in after an afternoon spent outdoors; and of course, outdoor lighting fixtures extend the time that you can spend enveloped in the comfort and enjoyment of your personal outdoor oasis. After designer Henrik Pedersen’s first iteration of outdoor lighting for Gloster was introduced in 2016 as the Voyager Lantern, we have steadily added pieces that represent new elements of form and function to the Deco Ambient Lighting collection in subsequent years. Now, in 2022, our Ambient Lighting collection features an expansive range that ensures no matter a user’s style, this group of beautiful and unique modern exterior lighting will appeal. Read on to explore this eye-catching collection.


Ambient Lantern

Originally introduced in 2016 as the Voyager Lantern and later recategorized to be part of the Ambient collection, this outdoor lantern is the foundational Gloster lighting piece that all others have built upon. On this fixture, a highly stylized natural finish teak frame supports a polypropylene shade that encases an internal LED light with 8 different output settings. With approximately 8 hours of battery life, a remote control, and a slim handle of stainless steel finished with a meteor colour powder coat, this light is easy to move and perfectly designed to bathe your space in a warm, welcoming glow.



In 2017, two new lighting pieces were added to the Gloster catalogue and the Ambient collection was created. One of these new pieces was the Nest lantern. With a design inspired by the intricate nests of the Weaver bird, the Nest lantern is constructed using all weather wicker woven about a powder coated stainless steel frame. When suspended, lanterns gently rotate and sway in the evening breeze, casting dancing shadows that enrich the aesthetic of any space. A solar and plug in charging LED light produces approximately 8 hours of light and can be controlled via remote. With a dark “Steel” and warmer “Fawn” colorway available, this outdoor hanging lantern is a noteworthy addition to any outdoor space.



The other of Gloster’s two lighting pieces introduced in 2017 as part of the Ambient collection, the Cocoon lantern garnered a Red Dot Award from Interior Design Magazine for innovative and exciting design. These outdoor lanterns mimic the perfect texture, delicacy, and symmetry of a silk cocoon while maintaining a deceptively resilient exterior. Smooth details abound in this piece, with a natural finish teak handle fitting seamlessly onto a polypropylene shade. A solar and plug in charging LED light produces approximately 8 hours of light and can be controlled via remote. Set upon the ground or suspended, placed alone or in groups, this stylish lighting piece is sure to draw attention whichever way you choose to use it.



The next addition to the Ambient Lighting collection arrived in 2019 with the creation of the highly stylized Ray lantern. With an enveloping array of teak slats surrounding an LED lighting fixture, this lighting piece produces beams of light akin to its namesake sun’s rays. One of Gloster’s most popular lighting pieces since its introduction, Ambient Ray is finished with a faux leather carrying handle with brushed stainless steel fastenings that show the typical attention to detail synonymous with the Gloster name.



The Ambient collection grew once again ahead of the 2020 season with the introduction two more pieces, one of which was designer Sebastian Herkner’s Line lantern. An interesting stylistic departure from earlier Ambient lighting pieces that featured prominent uses of teak and wicker, the Line lantern utilizes a meteor powder coated aluminum frame to support a gray coloured, reeded glass shade. Inside, a mouth-blown smoked glass cylinder houses a solar-powered or plug-in charging LED light that is perfect for showering your space in a dreamy, diffused glow.



Henrik Pedersen’s Mesh lanterns rounded out the additions to Ambient for the 2020 season. With a central LED light shining through an intricate, semi-transparent weave of outdoor wicker, these modern outdoor lanterns are perfect for making the shapes and contours of any environment come alive. A wide variety of sizes and colours along with pendant or pedestal options support this classically styled light’s ability to match the personality of any outdoor setting.



Introduced for the 2021 season, the Pebble lantern is the latest addition to the expansive Ambient collection. At only 12 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide, these compact lights deliver understated style on a scale that belies their diminutive size. Satin finished, natural stone bases in Carbon or Fire colourways support a gently curved powder coated aluminum shade in Meteor or Terracotta, with each color combination blending seamlessly with the hazy luminescence created by the lantern’s polypropylene shade. Each remote-controlled LED light unit produces approximately 4 hours of light.


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