Teak, crafts and innovation


In normal mass production, timber is regulated, ordered, standardised to conform to strict manufacturing parameters. But with the Raw concept, we celebrate the unpredictable and revere the irregularity of nature.

As with our own fingerprints, so every teak tree is one of a kind. Even within the managed plantation environment, no two trees share the same ground or reach for the light in the same way and thus, each grows and matures in its own unique way with the natural variations and irregularities that give timber it’s inherent appeal. Every growth ring, every knot and the graceful ebb and flow of the grain stands testament to its journey from young sapling to mature tree – a journey of up to 70 years.

But even nature occasionally needs a helping hand to aid endurance. So, from time to time, the checks and splits that are a natural feature of the RAW planks are required to be re-enforced to prevent them extending too far into the wood. For this purpose, we have designed a brass “butterfly” insert that stabilises the split in a fashion befitting of the teak raw material to which it is combined.

Our Sapwood Edge tables retain the natural edge of the board. During the life cycle of the tree, the sapwood will often be attacked by wood boring insects. The kiln drying process rids the timber of any insects. The small holes in the face of the sap, and burrows on the surface of the sap are all part of the natural character of the timber. Due to the nature of the sapwood, tables with sapwood edge profile should only be used indoors or in a well-protected area.

Details of the RAW tables currently available for reservation are listed below. To reserve a specific table, click on the link and follow the steps that follow. You will shortly be contacted by our customer service team to assist in completing your purchase.