Teak, crafts and innovation

Expanding Indoors Outdoors with SoFlo Home Project

As a television program nearing its 10th year of existence (and in it’s fourth with current host Alena Capra), WPLG Miami’s Home Project has a long history of shining a spotlight on all manner of design projects. Whether exploring how new technologies can enhance the look of your home connecting the design themes of yesteryear to today’s trends  or showcasing the best of what is soon to come, this program has been delighting viewers in the Miami area with insightful and entertaining content for as long as it has been on the air. In January of 2024, host Alena Capra caught up with the manager of Gloster’s Dania Beach Studio, Barbara Siciliano, to discuss how many of Gloster’s products mesh perfectly with the theme of one of SoFlo’s most recent episodes: “Expanding Indoors Outdoors”. Read on to explore some of the highlights of Alena’s conversation with Barbara in the Gloster studio, or watch the full episode here.

Alena and Barbara started their tour of the Gloster showroom by discussing the modularity of Grid , one of Gloster’s most popular and longest running collections. “You can do so many combinations,” Barbara explained. “You can make seating [like this] seat four, or you can expand the entire patio for up to ten, twelve, or however many people you’d like to entertain…it just gives you so much functionality for your space. Here in South Florida, we have the ability to bring the indoors out; it’s another living space for us down here”.

“It definitely is,” Alena replied. “It should feel like a living room, and this [Grid Modular Sofa] feels like a piece you can have in an indoor space as much as outdoor”.

Host Alena Capra and Studio Manager Barbara Siciliano discuss the Gloster Grid collection.

The conversation moved next to focus on Gloster’s outdoor lighting, with Alena describing these pieces as “such a nice way to give that [desired] ambiance,” and as ideal accents to “bring everything together.” Later on, host and guest opined on Gloster’s Ambient Pebble lanterns, highlighting the key features of a natural stone base, powder coated aluminum lampshade, and solar charging lighting unit. “The perfect soft lighting,” Barbara stated. “It doesn’t block your view from other people across the dining table from you, and it just really elevates your space.”

Alena and Barbara explore the features of Gloster’s Ambient Pebble Lanterns.

Different materials can be best suited for different types of spaces, an idea surely not lost on Alena. “Of course, there’s a lot of teak…I am a big fan of outdoor fabrics and also being able to use them indoors, and great combinations of teak and other material. It just looks beautiful, comfortable, and sophisticated.”
“Mixed materials are fantastic,” Barbara affirmatively replied. “It just softens everything. The rope and the outdoor fabrics have come such a long way.”

Alena and Barbara examine the mixed materials of the Archi Lounge Chair.

The pair wrapped up their tour of the Gloster studio with a lengthy discussion of Gloster’s dining table options—specifically, the Deck Dining Table. “Barbara, we have seen modular furniture before the break, but now we’re looking at furniture that’s built in one big piece,” Alena led in while returning from a commercial break. “This table is incredible… [and] truly maximizing seating.”
“It is, it is. This is our Deck Dining Table,” Barbara responded. “Believe it or not, this is the middle size of these three pieces. This is one hundred and forty-four inches and will seat twelve…. And you can also see again, as we talked about earlier, the mixed materials on all the dining chairs.”
“That’s such a nice point, because when people are choosing the right dining chair, sometimes you don’t want it to be so matchy—you want to bring a little character…looking at different seats right here just paired with this beautiful table, you could give so many different design styles and looks with just changing up the chair.”

Alena and Barbara showcase the Deck Dining Table.

A special thanks to Alena Capra and the SoFlo Home Project for featuring the Gloster brand. Be sure to watch the full episode and others here.