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Gloster’s Latest Award Winners: Saranac and Sepal

Bolstered with our broad assemblage of unique, innovative, and beautiful products conceived by world-class furniture designers, the Gloster brand is well-accustomed to receiving awards and commendations from the upper echelons of the design community. In the spring of 2021, we published a blog detailing all of the Gloster products that have received recognition and captured the attention of the luxury outdoor furniture industry. Now, in May of 2022, we are excited to announce the two newest additions to the club of award-winning Gloster products: Mark Gabbertas’ Saranac and Sepal collections.


With a seamless combination of distinctly contemporary design, exceptional comfort, and the finest materials, the Saranac collection is already established as one of the most sought-after Gloster introductions for the 2022 season. When asked to verbalise the inspiration for his design, Mark Gabbertas stated that his primary objective was “to arrive at a design which seduced rather than shouted, that created immediate ease and which could continue to charm for years”.



Human beings have long sought comfort and security amongst the forms of the natural world, so it is no surprise that we continue to find ease where fundamental forms pair with strength, stability, and function to achieve this peak combination of design and appeal. An artful echo of the giant floating lily pad Victoria Amazonica, Sepal tables add a refreshingly organic element to any setting when placed alone, paired, or arranged in overlapping clusters.



During a special awards ceremony on the 24th of May, Mark Gabbertas’ Saranac and Sepal collections were officially recognized as part of a select group of products to earn the Design Guild Mark for 2022. Awarded by the Furniture Makers’ Company, the Design Guild Mark “recognises the highest standards in the design of furnishings” and drives “excellence and raise[s] the profile of British Design and innovation”1. Only products that meet a comprehensive technical criteria for brilliance and are confirmed by judging panel conducting extensive examination earn this prestigious accolade. Mark Gabbertas has previously had products he designed for Gloster awarded the Design Guild Mark, with his Maya collection and Deco Screens securing the recognition of the Furniture Makers’ Company during their 2021 slate of honorees.



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