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Asked about the design influences, Henrik says “My path in design has led me through many parts of the world, many cultures… Light and warmth are always principal parts of the best social environments and the most modest of devices are often the most effective.


As Henrik says, I wanted to create the purest form of seating with the most traditional of materials and yet attain both comfort and a design statement that surpassed more opulent routes”.


For the Atmosphere collection, Danish designer Cecilie Manz has drawn from observing couples, groups, friends and families interacting in seating areas - sliding down low in comfortable furniture, tucking up legs, resting side by side as stories are told and moments are shared. Cecilie says, “sitting lower pulls you into a familiar, soothing embrace - welcoming you to unwind and stay longer.”


Combining a unique blend of long standing interior and outdoor design heritage, Danish designer Henrik Pedersen has skillfully mixed simple materials to create occasional pieces that border on art work.

Deco - Nesting Box & Bird Feeder

The nesting box and bird feeder are the first examples of Gloster's introduction of smaller accessories designed to heighten the outdoor experience. The objective was a very rigorous one... to design highly functional items that served their intended purpose perfectly in combination with the sophistication of the Gloster design philosophy.


Like the shifting sands of the desert, the Dune collection combines soft lines and repeating patterns in an outdoor seating concept and a collection of new knitted fabrics designed by Sebastian Herkner.


Like remnants of an abandoned temple or fantastically oversized jewelry, the sharp octagonal lines of Gem are hard to miss. Conceived by Danish Designer Henrik Pedersen, Gem tables are the epitome of what Gloster is known for - that little extra.


With a dramatically curved and sculptured back panel, the new Kay collection by Henrik Pedersen makes no secret of the defining factors in its design.


Designed by Mark Gabbertas, the Maya system reflects and enhances the sophistication of the Gloster design philosophy. Particular attention has been given to the materials and technologies used that are at the forefront of outdoor furniture design.

Sustainable Luxury

Gloster is one of the world's largest international producers of responsibly produced outdoor teak furniture.

Bar Cart

The new Bar Cart typifies Danish Designer Henrik Pedersen's talent for meeting every-day needs with beautiful design.


Inspired by teak decking on the fastest and finest vessels of yesteryear, Clipper echoes the design notes of these pivotal feats of craftsmanship - the Tea Clippers that opened trade routes around the world.


Loop was conceived by Henrik Pedersen with the purpose of creating a collection that would stand out in any space. As the name suggests, Loop's iconic lines were first drawn with the notion that they would cross design boundaries. Simple and ever popular Scandinavian nuances give way to cleverly integrated comfort.