THE COMFORT ZONE  –  A soft landing with structured and tactile surfaces, and the touch of different materials are all factors which are important to Gloster. Choosing the right fabrics and combining the right colours are essential for the right result – so we strive to make our fabric collection colour co-ordinated across the individual themes, making it easy for you to mix and match any way you like it.

Color Combination

Combination 1
Combination 2
Combination 3
Combination 4

Outdoor Performance

Couture Coal
Couture Pebble
Couture Smoke
Elite Fog
Elite Frost
Elite Granite
Essential Coal
Essential Dawn
Essential Flax
Essential Granite
Essential Indigo
Essential Russet
Essential Sand
Fife Bone
Fife Canvas Grey
Fife Granite
Fife Lichen
Fife Nickel
Fife Olive
Fife Platinum
Fife Rainy Grey
Fife Salmon
Fife Soot Blue
Fife Vesterhav Sand
Fife Warm Rose
Formation Ash
Formation Dove
Formation Indigo
Formation Pebble
Formation Putty
Formation Shadow
Formation White
Lopi Charcoal
Lopi Coral
Lopi Marble
Lopi Peach
Lopi Shadow
Lopi Silver
Mez Granite
Mez Indigo
Robben Charcoal
Robben Grey
Robben Leaf

Soft Touch

Dot Gravel
Dot Nimbus
Dot Oyster
Dot Putty
Ravel Dune
Ravel Ginger
Ravel Sable
Tuck Cider
Tuck Denim
Tuck Dust
Tuck Gunsmoke
Tuck Malt
Tuck Sable
Tuck Truffle
Wave Buff
Wave Gravel
Wave Quarry
Wave Russet

Water Resistant

Blend Clay
Blend Coal
Blend Fog
Blend Indigo
Blend Linen
Blend Sand
Cast Charcoal
Cast Pumice
Cast Silver
Castillo Dove
Castillo Indigo
Castillo Pebble
Castillo Putty
Castillo Shadow
Castillo Smoke
Castillo White