Teak, crafts and innovation


New season, new designs and new materials. Essential elements that combine to define changes, novelties and innovations. Cutting edge design, innovative materials and the application of new techniques combine to create pioneering furniture collections for the modern era.


Designed with a nod to the nautical, Haven's solid teak frame combines deep, gently curving slats to create subtly rounded back and side panels, intended to envelop and enclose and create a sheltered and comforting environment in which to relax. This sense of security and comfort is further emphasised with a deep and luxurious cluster of seat cushions and back pillows.


Natural organic shapes are an obvious match with the outdoor space. A combination of the tactile and the ethereal, Bora combines the fine craftsmanship of an expertly crafted teak frame with the rounded expression of circles, extended to a soft and inviting seating comfort. The tactile and visual effect of a multi coloured weave completes the look of this playful collection.


Like its solar namesake, Sol’s presence heralds a wonderful day ahead. But in a narrative shift, as the day lengthens, Sol only shines brighter. A stylish and dramatic shade by day, a beautifully integrated LED light unit provides subtle illumination as evening approaches and the shadows fade into night.


The obvious match for any rounded or soft dining collection, the soft lines and natural tones of Kasha’s rounded ceramic bases combine perfectly with solid, plantation teak table tops. Eye catching and inspiring, these striking dining tables beautifully reflect light across their soft, round surfaces while adding character to any outdoor space.


Maya Cove extends the popular Maya collection and features deceptively simple all-weather upholstery supported by an ultra-slender, low maintenance powder coated aluminium frame. The addition of more structured back and sides with sling covered upper panels, now creates a more private and enclosed environment for the user.


A flat wooden surface, both long and wide, but at the same time almost transparent.
Elegant, uniform and crafted from solid plantation teak, the linear style of the Deck tables defines the Gloster design aesthetic. Inspired by teak decking on the fastest and finest sailing vessels of yesteryear, the simple, yet visually striking design invokes a uncompromising air of quality and craftsmanship.


Conceived as a bridge between stark minimalist design and large-scale luxury, Grid merges functionality and understated design into a single, defined element. Grid’s modular format is the perfect solution for deeply comfortable seating in a stylish world and now benefits from the addition of a selection of relaxed dining items. A pair of sofas, either with or without an arm combine with a stylish, pedestal dining table available with teak or ceramic top.