Teak, crafts and innovation


New season, new colours, new fabrics, new designs and new materials. Essential elements that combine to define changes, novelties and innovations. Cutting edge design, innovative materials and the application of new techniques combine to create pioneering furniture collections for the modern era.


Conceived by Danish designer, Henrik Pedersen, the Zenith collection marks the peak of the Gloster design aesthetic. A blend of diverse materials combine in a lounge collection that is simple, yet striking. Modern yet familiar. Luxurious yet practical. As the name indicates, Zenith is all about placement in relation to the sun. Are you chasing the warm golden rays or looking for the calm and soothing shade on a hot day? Zenith will accommodate your needs for easy and convenient mobility. And with the modules on wheels, your favourite spot is always within easy reach.


A natural extension of the Gloster colour palette - warm, earthy tones and subtle textures combine in a new Brown colour collection for 2022 season. Java powder coat, Emperor ceramic, Wren Ombre rugs and Coso tables in Earth colour glaze create a dynamic palette that is both comforting and practical. Our popular Blend fabric series is also expanded with a new ‘Latte’ colour and a new series of Heritage fabrics feature a soft, textured finish. To complete the collection, Hunt series fabrics display a subtle, geometric ‘check’ pattern in contrasting yarns to highlight the warm tone of the base fabric.


When designing Saranac, Mark Gabbertas imagined a design that combined exceptional comfort with an enduring aesthetic. A design approach which seduced rather than shouted, that one would feel at ease with immediately, and which could continue to charm for years. The range comprises a chair, a two seat sofa and a three seat sofa, all of which use an inviting, pillow like cushion for superb comfort. This is held in a solid teak frame which subtly suggests a mid-century influence whilst still being distinctly contemporary and which has been designed to please from all angles allowing it to work in larger spaces. The frame incorporates considered details - a woven rope back combines with gently angled and tapered legs, leading to an inviting rounded arm cap.


The forms of the natural world have always provided motivation for designers. The Sepal collection finds its inspiration in the giant floating water lilies that somehow look as though they were engineered by a human hand. With an upturned edge, these can form pads which gently intermingle and create their own pattern on the water. The tables use a ceramic top, edged in powder coated aluminium, which sits on a simple, but beautifully detailed, equilateral teak frame. This pure geometry makes the Sepal table extremely versatile and able to be paired with a variety of Gloster collections. It also allows the two sizes of table when used together to overlap and suggest in turn their own natural rhythm.


As an extension to the existing Lima seating collection, Lima Dining talks the same design language – one of simplicity, honesty and a deep sense of quality and genuine craftsmanship. An expression rooted in the Scandinavian tradition, where warm, natural and tactile materials are combined in a simple but aesthetic unity. The Lima collection, which has a strong and clear reference to Nordic design traditions, is now complemented by a new lounger. A minimalistic design statement, the function of the Lounger could be either indoor or outdoor - indoor as a traditional Scandinavian daybed or outdoor as a stylish and practical sunlounger.


Fresco by Matteo Thun, picks up on the spirit of the 1960’s - the timelessness, the ease and the elegance of terraces in Rome, Aspen, the Riviera and Malibu at that time. The light, almost floating seat element on the white, powder-coated aluminum frame resembles a shell and results in an organic and ergonomic shape. The innovative, specially developed all-weather wicker used features a distressed finish - giving the furniture a familiar and natural feel and is woven in a subtle, open pattern giving a delicate composition to the furniture. Together the frame and wicker elements shape the sophisticated, light style of the collection comprising of dining and lounge chair, dining table and side table.


Beautiful and tactile ceramic is the foundation of the Coso collection. The striking contrast between a rustic natural ceramic surface and a deep glaze with natural light reflections, becomes a playful contract, that can be emphasized further by the mixing of the three different, earthy colours. To complete the aesthetic, a natural, warm teak top is removable – making the table both functional and charming at the same time.


Freedom is indeed luxury. Omada represents a refresh of the classic Nomad collection of modular seating originally launched in 2012 and embodies the same spirit as the original - the freedom to move wherever you want and the ability to sit however you want. The gently contoured body of the chair and ottoman are woven in Wheat colour, textured wicker and use a relaxed and generous upholstered cushion. The inherent simplicity of Omada is also the key to its success. Use the pieces alone or combine loosely together to form a longer sofa – the choice is yours and always easy to change when the mood suits.


Outdoor living and cool, refreshing water goes together and the new Deco Garden Shower offers exactly this. Free placement due to the teak base and a pleasant surface to put your feet on. Always nice to the touch, Teak is the perfect choice for this interaction, because it’s never hot in the sun, and never cold in the shade. The teak base is combined with a clear and defined design for the frame- based on lower and upper rings, connected by one single straight line. To finish the design, a shower head in warm, polished brass colour is a subtle reference to the real solar disc above.


With Sway, Danish designer Henrik Pedersen has combined a finely proportioned teak frame with a practical sling seat and back to deliver inherent comfort despite an extremely minimal profile. As an extension to the existing Sway collection, the new sunlounger features a striking design and five, comfortable reclining back positions.


Comfortable, practical and stylish. The Allure Stacking Dining Chair by Danish designer, Henrik Pedersen, features a hard-wearing, powder coated aluminium frame with a solid aluminium back panel that is gently curved for perfect ergonomics.