Teak, crafts and innovation


Register your details, create an account and enjoy access to the Gloster Library Site and the ability to save, edit and share your creations within the Gloster Moodboard feature.
The Gloster Library Site is an on-line archive for professional users that contains the most commonly requested Gloster assets, such as lifestyle images, product images, spec sheets, 2D & 3D drawings, videos, press releases, digital brochures and care sheets all grouped in one single location. The content of the Gloster Library Site is updated in real-time by Gloster, so is always as up-to-date and accurate as possible

The Gloster Moodboard feature allows you to put together a scratchboard of your own ideas, using swatches of our fabrics and materials – in addition to the possibility of adding your own imagery. A standard grid of overlapping image windows can be combined with multiple header images, your own project title and text to create a personalised moodboard that, when finished, can be quickly be exported to PDF.