We are happy to share Gloster’s creative materials with our resellers and other third parties.
However, we require a consistent visual presentation in all communications and promotions, regardless of whether financially supported by Gloster. This standard applies to all printed and digital media.
All parties who wish to utilize Gloster’s creative property – including, but not limited to, the Gloster brand mark, product images, and lifestyle photography – must adhere to the following policies.


  • Gloster maintains ownership and copyright of all images, photos, and materials published on its websites and media platforms as well as sent out via digital and/or printed communication. Such material may only be reproduced, copied, or transmitted by members of the press and approved resellers of Gloster Furniture in adherence with this policy.
  • Gloster grants permission for resellers to use product & lifestyle imagery only if it is received directly from Gloster and utilized for the requested purpose. Written permission from Gloster is required for additional usage.
  • Resellers must acknowledge any Gloster image at the point of use, with the Gloster brand mark and/or company name prominently displayed on the image; next to it; or at the end of the text. (Ex. “Image courtesy of Gloster Furniture”)
  • Images may not be altered by the reseller without written permission from Gloster.
  • Resellers may not use the Gloster brand mark or any of the company’s collateral with products that are available from or produced by another brand than Gloster.


  • Gloster will provide resellers with a template and selection of lifestyle images from which to choose their ad.
  • For print advertising, Gloster will provide resellers with a full-page and double-page template; we do not permit half-pages ads and smaller. Reseller co-branded ads must use the Gloster template.
  • At least 10 business days before artwork is due to the publication, resellers must provide Gloster with a digital logo file / font name and contact information, such as an address, telephone, and email. Any taglines are subject to approval.
  • Other forms of advertising, such as reseller postcards, mailings, and billboards must follow brand guidelines. However, Gloster will support resellers with assistance in creating artwork on co-branded material.


  • Reseller websites must maintain the Gloster brand image with current imagery, logo, and textual descriptions. Resellers unable to do so must remove Gloster products, all links and reference to Gloster from their website.
  • All social media, digital media, and promotional material hashtags must adhere to Gloster’s list of approved list of words.
  • All reseller requests for digital promotion, including online advertising and email marketing, must be submitted in writing.
  • Digital advertising formats, such as web banners and email marketing, must also follow brand guidelines. However, as many variations exist, each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

By creating an account and signing up to access the Gloster Library site, you are assumed to have read and understood the Gloster Advertising, Digital, and Intellectual Property & Image policies.
Gloster reserves the right, pursuant to these policies, to withdraw permission to use our brand mark, images, and photography, or to terminate sale of products to any reseller or third party that violates these policies.