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2024 Novelties

Deck Lounge

Navigator Collection

Bora Collection_2

Lima Dining & Bar

Carver Collection_2

Saranac Collection_2

Block Collection_2

Blow Collection_2

Coso Collection_2

Ambient Collection_2

Whirl Teak Dining Table

2023 Innovations

Bora Collection_1

Haven Collection

Ambient Sol

Deck Dining

Grid Dining Collection

Block Collection_1

Omada Collection_2

Fresco Lounger

Saranac Chaise

Saranac Lounger

2023 Fern Additions

Ambient Pebble_3

2022 Innovations

Zenith Collection

Saranac Collection_1

Omada Collection_1

Fresco Collection

Lima Dining & Lounger

Coso Collection_1

Sepal Collection

Garden Shower

Brown Colour Way

Fern Sofa

Ambient Pebble

Lodge Animation

Mistral Animation

Gloster & Architecture

2020 Innovations

Gloster & Sustainability

Gloster Designer - Henrik Pedersen

Gloster Indonesia – Dynamic Craftsmanship & Innovation

Henrik Pedersen - Outdoor Lighting

Henrik Pedersen - Lima Collection

Fern Collection

Lima Collection

Ambient Line

Deco Fire Bowl

Halo Push-Up Parasol

Kay Dining

Kay Rocking Chair

Kay Lounger

2019 Innovations - Part 1

2019 Innovations - Part 2

Maya Collection

Kay Collection

Archi Lounge

Ambient Ray

Blow Collection_1

180 Lounge Collection

Gloster RAW

2018 Innovations - Part 1

2018 Innovations - Part 2

From Seed to Seat (Short)

From Seed to Seat (Full)

2017 Innovations

Ambient Collection_1

Grid Collection

Bay Collection

Carver Collection_1

Cradle Collection

2016 Innovations

William Collection