Gloster Library

To gain access to the Gloster Library, you need to register some personal details and verify your email address. Doing this once, will catalogue your user details, and you will have continuous access to the Gloster Library in the future.

This Gloster Library Site is an on-line archive for professional users that contains the most commonly requested Gloster assets - such as location images, product images, spec sheets, 3D drawings, videos, care sheets etc. all grouped in one single location.

The content of the Gloster Library Site is updated in real-time by Gloster, so is always as up-to-date and accurate as possible. The Gloster Library Site is a shared resource across all Gloster world-wide markets, so all global products/assets are included. Discontinued products/assets are NOT included on the Gloster Library Site.

Before gaining access to the Gloster Library Site, all users are required to sign-up and subscribe to the Gloster email list. To register for access, you will need to enter some basic information using the application form below. After submitting your details, you will receive an email from ‘Gloster Furniture’ asking you to confirm your subscription to the email list. Open the email and click on the link and you will be re-directed back to the site. Your computer will now have a cookie stored that remembers your sign-up, so you will always have immediate access to the Gloster Library Site without needing to sign in again.


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